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June 1, 2013
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Pokemon Fusion: Parausaur by Malfey Pokemon Fusion: Parausaur by Malfey
I have officially joined the Pokéfusion bandwagon. V____V (link to the website if you're interested:

So! I kept shuffling retarded Pokémon until I got these two, and they look really awesome together! I mean, A Rafflesia and a mushroom? It's, like, two parasitic things at once, and they completely match <3 So I decided to actually take my time and make this as perfect as possible. This took around 7-9 hours. I'm exhausted... :iconsweatdropplz: But anyway, here it is! Expect a lot more in the future, because this is too fun xD
I was going for arvalis's style when I did this so as to get better practice with animals; his style is beautiful. Check it out sometime~

Also! Sorry for the lame-ass watermark, but a lot of art theft has been going on lately so I just want to be safe :/

EDIT: 5,000 VIEWS?! Dude! Whoa! WHOA! That's like, the largest amount of views I've ever gotten in my life! And a feature on Facebook?! Omg man I don't deserve this what's happening here, I-- :iconhhhhplz:

EDIT #2 OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD. DUDE. 10,000 views? And a feature on Smosh/ Tumblr and basically everything else? I--can't--handle--this-- :icongrosssobplz:

EDIT #3 Dude. I say dude a a lot. But DUDE. This got featured on a poster in Vancouver in a restaurant! THAT IS SO F*CKING AWESOME OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD :iconrazycryplz:

EDIT #4 Okay I'm sorry but it has become a daily process of life to freak out every time this gets featured on a website :faint: Look! D:… 

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Pokemon Fusion: Rhyizard by Malfey
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Tails-155 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
by the way, put a space between the url's slash and the close of the parenthesis, it's messing up the link

amazingly done, though
ivanprime93 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Now i want him to fight Biolante :D
Malfey Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
...Who? :/
ivanprime93 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
A Godzilla villian that is made out of a mix of his DNA and the DNA of plants.
Malfey Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa. Awesome.
ToastedGhosts Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Saw this on Smosh! 8D Lucky~
Malfey Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me too! I was so happy!
ToastedGhosts Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's quite an accomplishment!
Malfey Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ;o;
Oggey-Boggey-Man Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Oooohh... That's creeeeepy.. considering the pokÚdex-entry of Parasect, THIS is fully possible! D:
Very nice work however! :D Keep it up!
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